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    “If a writer does his job right, what he basically does is remind the reader of how smart they are. Wake the reader up to stuff that reader’s been aware of all the time.”

    - David Foster Wallace

About Paul

Paul Glavic is a freelance magazine journalist who has written for Grantland and The Atlantic. His favorite stories look at forms of ritual in American culture—anything from sports to religion—and connect the absurdity of life to the finitude of time. Paul has a master’s degree in magazine writing and editing from The Medill School at Northwestern University. He’s a Cleveland native who returned after stops in Boston, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago.


“Why are Americans so protective of Jeopardy!?” The Atlantic, March 2014
“Cheering for themselves,” The Atlantic, December 2013
“Another front in the Redskins’ name-change battle: Cleveland?” The Atlantic, December 2013
“Mesh routes,” Grantland, August 2013
“The NFL’s gay question,” Medill News, March 2013
“Making space for autistic workers,” Medill News, February 2013


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